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Hi, I'm Diana Lee

      I've had a lifelong interest and passion for wellness, particularly psychological & Spiritual wellness. I understood from a very young age, having gone through a great amount of trauma and paranormal & spiritual experiences, that our mental health was one of the most important aspects of our existence. That through our consciousness, we not only experienced life but created life. Thus it is vital that we work to maintain a balance between the mind, body, and spirit for optimal wellness and too manifest and maintain the best life we deserve to have. But life is unpredictable, and things happen that are outside of our control, which makes it difficult to navigate life.

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     I spent my life pursuing knowledge of the human condition, striving to understand the changes and influences our mind, heart, and soul goes through; to recognize patterns between human action and the universe's reaction and vise versa. Learning ways to optimize our mental health and performance through biohacking our current mental processes, taking advantage of neuroplasticity to anatomically change the way our brain operates, and revitalize the lens in which we view ourself, the world, and our experiences. Through this process, we gain the tools we need to change our perception, reactions, thoughts, behaviors, and thus our experiences. Also taking into account our spiritual health, to understand the psychic phenomena and paranormal situations we find ourselves experiencing.

  My formal educational training is in Psychology, where I hold a Bachelors with honors from Arizona State University. I initially thought I could best reach people through clinical psychology, but I quickly realized the separation and distinction Western medicine has in what they view as health and wellness. I knew in my heart and soul that healing began at the core of our foundation, which is not just our physiological body, it is our energetic body. Our soul connection to this life. I knew to achieve the radical growth and wellness that my practice is focused on, healing and growth must include if not begin with our spirit. My informal training and continued education comes from private study through courses, literature, research, personal and impersonal experiences, and connection.

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   I had clarity from a very young age that we were more than our physical bodies, and that the concept of reality and existence was convoluted. So my spiritual journey began at about the age of 3 and within the next few years I began asking deep questions of a spiritual and quantum physical nature that no one could answer for me at the time. I've spent my life pursuing the hidden truths of who we are and what we are in relation to the universe. This is a profound journey that has no end, and I find it fascinating and deeply fulfilling. 


      I will always grow myself as an individual and a spiritual being, and I will continue to enhance my educational understanding and training in healing modalities such as Reiki, Quantum Regressive Hypnotherapy, Astrology, Crystal Energy, Chakra Wellness, Sound Therapy, and Light Therapy to gain as much holistic knowledge as possible to aid in my own personal growth and healing, and to be of better service to my client's needs. 

   So I created a unique coaching system that integrates my knowledge in psychology and spirituality which utilizes a myriad of modalities and tools that are delivered through virtual Zoom sessions or in person meetings to deliver a program where deep insight, growth, healing, wellness, and guidance can occur. At the end of each session, my clients walk away with tools they can immediately implement to start making the changes needed to clear blocks, conquer the challenges they are facing, improve their wellness, relationships and life. 

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 My Coaching Style 

​My coaching style considers your entire wellbeing; mind, body, and soul. Focusing on what you specifically need and want to develop that is unique to you rather than approaching you with a one size fits all model. We dive into everything from personal to professional development including but not limited to spiritual connectivity, relationship strengthening, physical, mental, and energetic optimization, career development, and more.  I help you to understand what is holding you back so you can improve things that need healing, grow stronger, and improve your self and your life. Helping you obtain a new lease on life through rewiring your brain and helping you to realize your true personal and life potential.

Who I've worked with...

I've had the great fortune to reach people in all stages of life, from Stay at home parents, students, working professionals, Entrepreneurs, Founders, Executives, Medical and Wellness professional, and everywhere in between. I found that the people I reach  have something in common, they have all come to a moment in their life of great self awareness. Recognizing that there is room for improvement and growth. Recognizing that somethings are just not working. Understanding that if they prioritize and invest in themselves, they can become the best version of themselves and have the life they desire. These amazing individuals all work very hard to achieve their dreams, but there comes a time where support, coaching, and guidance is essential to our continued growth and forward momentum. It is my greatest pleasure to help people along this journey and I enjoy  seeing the incredible growth and progress people make through our work together.  

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Thanks for submitting, I look forward to working with you!

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