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The information found on this website and all its pages are strictly for general informational and educational purposes only. The services of Sacred Light Life Coach/Sacred Light Wellness/Diana Lee and the information and work discussed are for educational and entertainment purposes only and are not to be used as a substitute for medical treatment, mental health treatment, legal advice, or financial advice. The Coach, Diana Lee, is not a licensed Psychiatrist, Counselor, Medical Doctor, Financial advisor, or Legal advisor and highly recommends to all clients and recipients of services to have regular medical check-ups, and work with the appropriate doctors, therapists, counselors and professionals when needed as part of your overall health care, safety, life and wellness plan and that you understand that you take full responsibility over your safety, medical, legal, financial, and mental health choices, and your life choices. The information and services provided by this website and entity do not establish any doctor-patient, therapist-client, or any other type of relationship of confidential or privileged communication, exclusive duties, or professional expectations. By continuing with appointments you understand that your participation in the readings or any services are strictly voluntary and that at all times you may choose to end you participation or not to participate at all. You understand that by obtaining any services, you are assuming full responsibility for your choices and actions and agree to hold harmless both the Coach, Diana Lee, and the entity (Sacred Light Life Coach/Sacred Light Wellness/any facility/location and any additional changes or expansions of this entity. You agree to the terms and conditions set out by this disclaimer and legal notice and certify that you are solely responsible for your life, wellness, health, experiences, choices, and actions and the use and reliance of any information contained within this website and obtained through services are solely at your own risk. 


(Tarot Reading is for Educational & Entertainment Purposes Only)

All tarot readings/recordings/documents/videos are subject to individual interpretations and should not be taken as absolute. A tarot reading is never guaranteed to be 100% accurate or accurate at all. All tarot readings provided by this website/entity/or by Diana L. are strictly for entertainment purposes only and no guarantee can or is given as to the accuracy of the reading nor are any guarantee, assurances, promises, or predictions made to be 100% accurate and absolute. A tarot reader does not replace any professional/medical/legal/psychological/therapeutic opinion, services, or advice. It does not require/persuade/or force you to follow any particular course of action or inaction and never attempts to control your free-will or common sense. Contents of Tarot Readings are not legally binding and both the participant or the reader can choose to not participate at any time. Any and all decisions or actions made or taken by the participant as a result of your Tarot Reading are solely your responsibility and have not been forced upon you or coerced onto you by this website, entity, or Diana. I assume no legal liability, or any liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any client decisions, indecisions, subsequent to, or based on, any tarot readings or information found on this website, obtained through services, or associated with this website/entity/or Diana. 

Please use your common sense, best judgement and free will at all times. It is only with the complete Understanding and Acceptance of the above that your reading will take place. By scheduling services, accepting services, and participating in services, you are providing your agreement to the disclaimers set for within this website and with this entity. 

I do not offer Tarot Readings to anyone under the age of 18 years of age and by scheduling and accepting any services you confirm that you are 18 years of age or over. 

My Code Of Ethics

  • I am a tarot reader/consultant but make no claims to be Telepathic, a Medium, or have Unworldly Powers. 

  • All readings are private and will not be shared with third party sources. 

    • All information shared is at your own discretion, and you understand that you are not encouraged to share any information that you are not willing to share publicly. 

  • All readings are pre-arranged appointments, and payment is expected at the time of booking to reserve your spot. If an unexpected delay arises, a rescheduled time will be coordinated with Diana. ​

  • All readings are a two-way process and require your active involvement, which will help the cards' messages yield more information. 

  • Tarot Readings never predict the future and only ever show probable outcomes based on a series of ever-changing probabilities of events which are influenced by the behavior, attitude, thoughts, actions, inactions, and energy of the Querent (participant) and people/places/things/energies around them. 

  • Tarot Cards are not negative or dangerous in any way, and each card simply represents or shows us something that we can use to grow and expand our awareness, understanding, or perception. There are no tarot cards that are evil or bad luck including the Devil card, Death card, Tower card, or any other card. 

    • The Death card does not signify physical death nor does it bring about death, illness, or bad fortune; but  signifies the liberation and transition from one cycle to the next in our life's journey. It signifies change, transformation, transcendence, and transitions as we release the old situations/self and create space for the new. ​

    • The Devil Card does not signify the literal devil, evil, bad fortune, or curses nor does it bring about any of these things. It is an expression of our situation, behavior, addictions, people or events that may be a toxic cycle or energy so that we can understand the situations or self better and make healthier choices. 

  • Tarot readings are never absolute. Free will always create shifts and changes in your life path's probabilities. Thus Tarot Readings only speak to the current probability based on your current energies. Any decisions or actions made or taken in your life or in the lives of those most important and close to you can change your probabilities. ​As a Tarot Reader, I will offer my opinion and friendly advice but will never interfere with your free will. I will never pressure you to make a decision or take an action or not take action based on the readings. 

  • All readings are constructive in nature and never destructive and are given to help empower the querent. 

  • All readings are given with honesty as to how I interpret the cards and the combinations at that time, as interpretations of individual cards and combinations can be different from moment to moment and reading to reading. 

  • I will always be empathetic and genuine in my compassion and sensitivity to your feelings and your journey. 

  • I will never judge or condemn you for your emotions, feelings, or experiences. 

  • I do not give readings to anyone under the age of 18 without prior written approval from their parent/legal guardian. If Guardianship cannot be validated or is not known to be guaranteed, I reserve the right to refuse a reading to anyone under the age of 18, even with parental approval. 

  • I reserve the right to decline providing a reading to anyone based on how I feel at any given moment. 

  • I will never refuse to give a reading to a client based on the grounds of origin, race, color, religious belief,  gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, or any other identifying elements. I provide equal opportunities for Tarot cards and respect people from all walks of life. 

  • I do not make predictions, and will only provide possible suggestions. 

  • I do not invoke spells, remove curses, or perform curses or spells. 

  • I will always genuinely care for the well-being of my clients. 

  • I have clear personal boundaries on what topics I will or will not answer. 

    • I do not provide legal readings, medical readings, predictive readings, or pregnancy readings. ​

  • Confidentiality is essential to this process, and I will never share your readings or details of your reading publicly without your permission. If any information of a Tarot Reading is desired to be shared for educational or marketing content, permission will always be obtained, and I will omit/change any identifying information.

  • I always encourage you and all my clients to use your own inner guidance. 

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