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Exploring The Depth Of Existence And Embracing Divine Connection

Have you ever found yourself contemplating the profound truth of existence? Or wondering why things occur in your life and how challenges and traumas can play a positive role in maximizing your potential? It's fascinating how many individuals, despite being raised with specific beliefs, continue to embark on a relentless search for something deeper. And you know what? The fact is that these two thoughts are beautifully intertwined, just like the threads of our souls. People persist in their quest because the information they were raised with doesn't quite resonate with the truth that resides within their very being. Whether sparked by a soul-shaking experience or a persistent inner whisper, there comes a moment in everyone's life when they start questioning their very existence and awaken to the undeniable incongruence between their authentic selves and the world they grew up in. It's a powerful awakening, a call to rediscover our true essence and align it with the Cosmos.


Regardless of the traditional beliefs about the phenomenon of “coincidences,” I do not believe that such a phenomenon actually exists. In all my life I have observed time and time again connections that helped me to understand that what people attribute to coincidence were actually divinely orchestrated synchronicities, divinely timed events, and manifestations as the subtle reasons behind coincidences. Thus, with this understanding, you are here by no mere coincidence but a divinely orchestrated crossroads in your timeline.

Something within you is calling to be healed, released, developedtransformed, and evolved. Your soul has been guided here to release what no longer serves you. To find your TRUTH. To discover your AUTHENTIC SELF. To gain control of your MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, HEART, and LIFE so you can own your future. To create and build something that will take you to new heights! So you can finally FEEL, LIVE, be WHOLE, and THRIVE. 

Hi, I'm Diana Lee,  an Executive Strategy & Leadership Coach, Dream Walker, and Ascension Coach.

My journey began from a reality-shattering paranormal experience at the age of 3, followed by a relentless cycle of traumatic experiences, and a couple NDEs that did not let up until my late 20s. From that day, my perspective and understanding of existence changed. I spent my days contemplating my existence, experiences, and observed the universe at work within me and all around me. And I spend many evenings exploring the grander creation through Astral Traveling, Quantum jumping, and working in the Akashic Records; which furthered my deeper knowing and psychic gifts that I use to help others. 

I have always been an intuitive and observant soul thanks to the long line of natural shamanic gifts of my Korean lineage. I attribute my capability to adapt, survive, and grow to that very intuition which saved my life, time and again which empowered me to help others gain the clarity they need to truly understand their situations, find the hidden meaning and lessons the universe is offering them, and set actionable plans to help them optimize these opportunities in such a way that they move forward healed, empowered, and developed instead of being stuck and suffering. Many people attribute their difficult lives and traumas with something that limits them, defeated them or changed them for the worst, but I realized that is the result of one decision they we all have, out of two. The second decision is a no brainer; we cannot let circumstances, traumatic experiences, and difficult moments cripple us and limit our life, nor are they trying to, they were meant to strengthen us, help us on my journey to self mastery and making the most of this existence. 


I've spent the bulk of my career in roles that support and strengthen my skills and expertise in the work that I do which includes Integrative Leadership Development, which focuses on the whole person and the vital areas of their life.

With a formal educational background in psychology, I have had the privilege of honing my skills and expertise in various dynamic environments and roles. I spent a significant portion of my career working for a prominent multi-development company, where I played a key role in managing assets in Stapleton Denver, encompassing retail, apartments, and homes.


I had the opportunity to work closely with the top executives of a leading supersonic airline company and help some high-profile names across different industries such as Aerospace, Executive Coaching, Cannabis, the Medical Industry, Alternative Wellness, and Educators. My experience working with top leaders in Aerospace, Property Management, Cannabis, Wellness, and Coaching gave me invaluable insights into how the top echelons of society function and operate to achieve such high levels of success, fulfillment, and happiness. 


Throughout my career, executives and their companies sought my advice on life, relationships, and business. This experience later evolved into coaching individuals on their professional journey, propelling them into the top 5% of earners and transforming their lives. Working with teams, I optimized skills, streamlined processes, and enhanced their state of being. This journey ignited my passion for helping individuals and businesses maximize their potential, fine-tune processes, and elevate client experiences to achieve world-class standards efficiently.

My journey has primed with a unique set of diverse knowledge, skills, and expertise to help you through various challenges in life, love, and career to formulate a powerful and actionable roadmap to success and prosperity. It is my passion to help support your journey and provide powerful clarity and guidance in co-partnership with Source and our Spirit Guides through my offerings. No matter if you are focusing on growth and transformation, relationships, or professional development and business creation, my background, experiences and expertise can help you move up the pathway to success. 

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Executive Strategy & Leadership Coach

Empowering businesses, startups, and aspiring entrepreneurs to unleash their full potential. Our mission is to guide you in creating robust processes and innovative strategies to monetize your skills effectively, paving the way for a profitable and sustainable business venture. Let's collaborate to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality and achieve success on your terms.

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Ascension Coach

Facilitating a transformative journey to elevate your spiritual growth and well-being. Through intuitive sessions and diverse divination systems, we guide you in navigating life's challenges, unlocking your potential, and creating actionable plans for personal growth.

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Certified Reiki Master

Step into the realm of Reiki Energy Work, where the harmonious blend of sound therapies, tuning forks, singing bowls, crystals, and the elements awaits. Experience a transformative journey of healing and balance as we harness the power of ancient practices and natural elements to restore harmony to your mind, body, and spirit. Through the gentle touch of Reiki and the resonance of sound vibrations, immerse yourself in a sacred space of rejuvenation, alignment, and holistic well-being. 

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Modern Mystic

Dive into the realm of Metaphysical Services, where intuitive channeling, tarot readings, past life insights, psychic training, and astral projection await. Explore the depths of your consciousness and unlock hidden truths as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Through intuitive guidance and metaphysical practices, delve into the mysteries of the universe, connect with your higher self, and awaken to new dimensions of insight and understanding.

Who I've worked with...

As a Coach, Reiki Master, and Modern Mystic I've had the honor of working with individuals from all walks of life and corners of the world. My clients have included executives, corporate teams, entrepreneurs, founders, students, parents, medical professionals, holistic and spiritual practitioners, and some great people on a powerful journey. Together, we've identified areas of improvement, developed new skills, curated powerful programs, and created success roadmaps toward personal, spiritual, and professional goals. 

Coach and Psychic Intuitive Guide


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