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Quantum Readings

Gain the clarity you need to understand and navigate life's journey.

Your Awakening Awaits...

Welcome to the first step in your transformation!

What are Quantum Intuitive Readings?

       Quantum Intuitive Readings are channeled messages from the connection between the discrete Universal Energy, The Reader, and the Querent which can provide powerful clarification, and a deeper understanding of the situations in question. Readings provide a unique opportunity to observe situations as they are intended and helps push you toward your highest wellbeing while supporting you through your healing and growth.


I utilize various tools such as Tarot & Oracle cards, pendulums, Dowsing Rods, Crystals, and Intuitive connection to provide messages that give clarity, guidance, and wisdom to your questions. Readings are powerful and can be incredibly helpful along your healing journey as it reveals important aspects of yourself, others, and the world that you may need in order to heal, grow, and make decisions that are not only in your best interest but for everyone's wellbeing.

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How Can Readings Help You?

Readings can help in many areas of your life. Some of the most popular topics that I work with are: 

  • Understanding past experiences

  • Life Purpose

  • Blind Spots for conflicts

  • Finance

  • Wellness

  • Past Lives

  • Astronomical Energies

  • Relationships (Romantic and platonic)

  • Personal Development

  • Business/Career

  • Important Decisions

  • Conflicts

  • Trauma Healing

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Our Services

Options for readings include Video Calls, Voice Calls,

*Animated Messages and PDFs +$10

Total Transcendance

(Most Transformational) 90 min. 


When the tides of profound transformation are coming in, a deep dive reading is vital to get to the root and full understanding of situations in your life involved in your transformation. This reading allows for multiple questions and/or addressing multiple topics you need clarification on.  



Deep Dive

(Most Popular) 60 min.


Deep dive to go in-depth on a part of your life such as relationships, career, or personal situation to gain a full understanding and create a roadmap to getting to where you want to be. This may hold room for multiple questions



(2nd most popular) 45 min.


In-depth reading on one question inquiry. Vital for getting through a challenging situation, gaining clarity on your heart's true desires, or what may be in your highest wellbeing.



30 min.


When cupid has struck its arrow but the heart and mind are paralyzed, this reading can be helpful to ensure we remain on the right path and not walk the road of lust and distractions which can lead to toxic relationships, delays or missed opportunities in love.


Past Life

60 min.


You are a cosmic being that has experienced many lifetimes on Earth, other planets, star systems, and densities. Recalling some life's and the lessons gained within can help unlock dormant skills, knowledge, and reveal lingering traumas still affecting you.



60 min.


Be the master manifestor for the life of abundance you wish you lead! Uncover your hidden relationship with money and gain a clearer understanding of how to co-create a more abundant life.


Decoding Dreams

60 min


The dream world has long lived its reputation as a profound enigma. Guiding the dreamer and delivering hidden messages through symbology, senses, and emotions. Decoding dreams can hold some astronomical benefits toward our personal development, healing, and sometimes holds messages for the future. 


Self Discovery


60 min.


An honest review of the lessons gifted to us from our past experiences, how they influence our present self, and revelations for missed messages and lessons offered to us to enhance our future self and wellbeing.


Transcending Timelines

60 min.


Dive deep down the rabbit hole into the world of Quantum Physics where you will gain a unique understanding of how you are a part of quantum entanglement. This reading breaks beyond the walls of dimensions and worlds.


Year Ahead

60 min.


Map out the year ahead based on current energy potentialities and set yourself up to conquer the year!

We will review all 12 months and gain an energy map for how to best prepare for the impending months.


Spiritual Journey

(90 min) 


You are a cosmic being and as such have an eternal mission of grave importance to both you and the worlds in which you experience. Dive into the spiritual inquiries that you need answers to and awaken from your slumber!


The Hidden

60 min.


When life seems to be stuck in a cycle or blocked from positive forward momentum viewing the hidden parts of our self and life can unblock our pathway and stop toxic cycles, making space for better days, relationships, and new opportunities to come in.  

Woman by the Water

"Diana did a reading for me and it completely resonated. She went beyond to help me understand the issue and guide me with a tangible solution. I am really happy with the readings that Diana provides. She is Amazing!"


"Diana is an amazing reader! She has done multiple readings on me and they all help guide me to where I need to be!"

Tina V.

"She did a career reading for me and it was amazing how accurate this reading was! Absolutely recommend Diana's services, as she is the real deal!"

Tori G.

​"Diana is amazing! She is truly connected to the spiritual world and is able to accurately translate messages meant to be heard. She's such a kind and beautiful soul. She will always guide you to your higher self without falter"

Jackie Y.

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