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Quantum Readings

Gain the clarity you need to understand and navigate life's journey.

Your Awakening Awaits...

Welcome to the first step in your transformation!

What are Quantum Intuitive Readings?

Looking for a powerful and transformative experience that will provide you with deeper understanding, clarity, and guidance? Look no further than Quantum Intuitive Readings! As a skilled intuitive, I channel messages from the Universal Energy that offer profound insights and support for your journey towards healing and growth. Through the use of various tools such as Tarot & Oracle cards, pendulums, Dowsing Rods, Crystals, and my intuitive connection, I provide personalized readings that offer wisdom, clarity, and guidance for your specific situation.

Whether you're looking to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships, or your place in the world, Quantum Intuitive Readings offer a unique opportunity to observe situations as they are intended, and help you achieve your highest wellbeing. My readings are tailored to your specific needs and interests, and provide valuable insights and guidance that can help you make decisions that are not only in your best interest but for the wellbeing of everyone involved.

So why wait? Book a reading with me today and experience the transformative power of Quantum Intuitive Readings for yourself. Together, we'll explore the messages and insights that are waiting for you, and help you move forward on your journey towards healing and growth.

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How Can Readings Help You?

Readings can help in many areas of your life. Some of the most popular topics that I work with are: 

  • Understanding Past Experiences

  • Life Purpose | Soul Purpose

  • Our Blind Spots to Life \ Events

  • Finance | Abundance 

  • Wellness | Mind\Body\Spirit

  • Past Lives | Future Lives

  • Astronomical Energies | Astrology

  • Dream Interpretation | Astral Expereinces

  • Year Ahead

  • New Moon | Full Moon

  • Relationships | Social

  • Personal Development | Professional Development

  • Business | Career

  • Life Events

  • Conflicts | Situations

  • Trauma | Healing | Growth

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Intuitive Readings & Metaphysical Services

Options for readings include Video Calls| Animated Videos | E-Booklet 

Total Transcendence | Past Life

Tarot Reading

(Most Transformational) 90 min. 


This 90-minute tarot reading is designed to provide deep insight into the transformational energies present in your life. You can ask multiple questions and address multiple topics, and various decks, tools, and modalities will be utilized to gain a deeper understanding of your situation. They will help you explore the root causes of your situation and provide guidance on navigating the transformational energies. The live video call format allows for a more personal and immersive experience, providing you with the support you need in real-time.




Tarot Reading

(Most Popular) 60 min.


Our most popular 60-minute deep dive tarot reading is designed to provide a thorough understanding of a specific area of your life such as relationships, career, or personal situations. You can ask multiple questions on the topic and address to gain guidance on how to navigate challenges and create a roadmap to where you want to be. The live video call format offers a personal and immersive experience to provide the support you need in real-time.


Custom Readings

Tarot Reading

General: up to 30 min.


(Live | Animation Readings | E-booklet)

A 30 minute general reading is perfect for those seeking to connect with their spirit guides and receive guidance on their chosen topic. This reading provides an energy pulse to help ensure you stay on the desired course, gain clarity, and receive the guidance needed to continue on your journey. Through the use of tarot cards and other modalities, this reading helps you tap into your intuition and receive messages from the divine, providing valuable insights and guidance for your spiritual growth.


Guided Meditations

15 minute ($20), 30-minute ($40), or 60 minute ($60) sessions

Our guided meditation service offers a safe space to develop and deepen your meditation practice. Our experienced spiritual coach will guide you through tailored sessions designed to empower you to achieve your spiritual goals. Whether you seek to reduce stress, improve focus, or gain spiritual insight, our sessions will help you connect with your inner self and tap into your innate wisdom. We offer a range of visualization and relaxation techniques to help you unlock your true potential. Our compassionate coach provides support and guidance to help you achieve lasting transformation on your unique spiritual journey and may utilize various tools such as tuning forks, singing bowls, crystals, elemental tools, music, and Monroe Institute tones to help enhance your meditation experiences. 


Psychic Development

Psychic abilities & Divination

*Contact for more details

Our Psychic Development program is designed to help you tap into your innate psychic abilities and unlock your full potential. This program offers a supportive and nurturing environment to help you explore your spiritual gifts. I provide personalized training and guidance to help you develop your intuition, expand your psychic awareness, and gain a deeper understanding of the metaphysical world. Whether you're looking to develop your psychic abilities for personal or professional reasons, this program offers the tools, techniques, and support you need to unlock your full potential as a psychic.


Custom Bundles & Gift Certificates

Looking for a unique and thoughtful gift that will help your loved ones on their spiritual journey? Or perhaps you want to invest in your own personal growth and development? Our customized tarot reading bundles are the perfect solution! Each bundle is tailored to your specific needs and interests, and can include a variety of readings such as love and relationships, career and finance, or general guidance and support. Whether you're looking to deepen your connection with yourself, gain insights into your current situation, or simply receive messages of hope and inspiration, our customized tarot reading bundles are designed to meet your needs. So why wait? Order your bundle today and start your journey to greater spiritual awareness and personal growth!

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"Diana did a reading for me and it completely resonated. She went beyond to help me understand the issue and guide me with a tangible solution. I am really happy with the readings that Diana provides. She is Amazing!"


"Diana is an amazing reader! She has done multiple readings on me and they all help guide me to where I need to be!"

Tina V.

"She did a career reading for me and it was amazing how accurate this reading was! Absolutely recommend Diana's services, as she is the real deal!"

Tori G.

​"Diana is amazing! She is truly connected to the spiritual world and is able to accurately translate messages meant to be heard. She's such a kind and beautiful soul. She will always guide you to your higher self without falter"

Jackie Y.

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