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Meditation by the Beach

Unlock your ultimate potential and manifest the life you truly deserve to live!

You are on an incredible adventure in your life. Your wellness, relationships, profession, and success depend upon you discovering and developing your authentic power. 


Gain the strength, confidence, and skills to understand your soul's essence and reclaim your power. 
Take control of your life!


Develop your soul-connection by learning how to hear your true inner voice and find your authentic self. Set your heart and soul free from the impositions of the world and stand in your power!


Step into alignment with your highest self to fulfill your purpose and expereince soul satisfation, happiness, and love!

Are you ready for a change?

Stop dreaming of a life you wish you had and start living it!

Together we will embark on the most critical journey of self-rediscovery and uncover what is not serving your highest well-being. Through a thought-provoking program, I will help inspire clarity and understanding to clear away all that is holding you back and help guide you toward self-actualization.


It’s time to expand the limits that govern your existence and elevate your reality to achieve the life of your dreams!


You know the time has come, and things need

to change! You deserve more, and you are

capable of so much more!


Enjoy greater:







Rich experiences

Deep relationships

The greatest investment for your life is to invest in yourself!

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Work with me!

To unlock your true potential, you have to be able to face yourself and your life with an unbiased lens to recognize what aspects can or need to be optimized. It is often a problematic or faulty process to do this on your own as you view everything from your created perspective. That perspective is painted by all your experiences and thoughts, the good and the bad. The process of self-discovery and transformation is intimate and can be confusing, challenging, and messy. It requires vulnerability, authenticity, direction, perseverance, and creative solutions. 


By choosing to work with a coach, you gain a relationship built on a foundation for your best well-being. Someone to provide you with a safe space to be authentic, share your emotions, meaningfully listen, genuinely care and discover tools to help you meet your life with intention rather than reaction. To meaningfully listen and genuinely care about your journey and to help you navigate this process and gain the clarity you need to truly understand the hidden parts of yourself and your life that are ready for growth.


Your life is filled with people, responsibilities, and goals that deserve the best version of you. Moreover, you deserve to experience life as the best version of yourself; allowing you to live a balanced life filled with great wellness, happiness, love, success, and abundance.


"Diana is someone I have gone to for guidance for Spirit and psychic counseling for quite a long time now. She has helped me in my darkest of times, to come back to the light and help myself when life or love gets too overwhelming or messy and I need someone who I can trust. She has a beautiful gift and is very in tune with energies and divine spirit. As a fellow reader, I’m very careful with who I open my energy up to, and I have always naturally trusted Diana since day one and am so very lucky and thankful to be connected to someone so powerful, loving, psychic, intuitive and wise in this life time. You will immediately be blessed in any connection you have with her. "

~Arianna E.~

"Diana's readings have been instrumental in my personal healing. She is very flexible with scheduling and is highly intuitive. Whether a video chat or email reading, it's always applicable to what I need at that time. She always makes herself available for questions after the reading as well. I've reached out days after for clarification on something. Diana is my go-to person for readings and I highly recommend her. I've also had several reiki sessions with Diana. It was a truly wholesome and healing experience."

~Miranda S.~

"Let me start with the same ol’ this is new to me. Except no Really, it is. This all stretched the limits of what I was taught to believe. I find Diana to be Genuine #1. She is personable, she is in-tune, she is present, true, and connected. Diana has vision and it is pure. My encounters with her have not been asking about the future, just being. One of the qualities I think I love the most is her ability to meet you right where you are without you having to say anything."

~Roxanne U.~

"Diana goes above and beyond in her sessions to help me understand the issue and guides me to a solution. I am really happy with the readings Diana provides. She is amazing and I highly recommend her to everyone looking for more than just a reading."


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