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Embrace the Cosmic Energies of the Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Aries on April 20th!

The universe is a mysterious and powerful realm that offers us many unique opportunities to experience & expand! You just have to understand what's coming, where it may affect your life, and how best to utilize the events to support you, not hinder you. But most importantly, you have to step out of fear. Fear of change, fear of action, fear of the unknown because fear is our biggest block to reaching our highest potential and that life we all dream of! We have a great window of opportunity coming! What better way to help boost your journey than by utilizing the power of cosmic events to enhance your well-being and spiritual growth? The upcoming rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse is taking place at 29 degrees & 49 minutes in Aries on April 20th at 12:12 pm EST, at the same time that we have our New Moon! Look to your natal chart to see where this energy is taking place for you. You most likely have felt the disruption or energy shift already. What makes this event truly special is that it combines the energies of both a solar eclipse and a lunar New Moon, creating a unique celestial phenomenon. This cosmic alignment is believed to bring about potent energies of transformation, renewal, and empowerment, making it an ideal time to tap into the forces of the universe and align with our highest selves. The sun represents our emotions, intuition, and subconscious mind, so when a solar eclipse occurs, it can trigger a reset and powerful transformation in our lives that brings about significant changes both internally and externally. When we couple this energy with Aries, being the first sign of the zodiac, it is associated with new beginnings, initiation, and self-assertion. Being a fire sign, Aries also adds passion, courage, and drive. The Lunar New Moon in Aries will amplify these energies, bringing in a fresh burst of motivation and a call to take bold, decisive actions toward our goals and desires. This powerful combination creating such potent energy can propel us towards spiritual awakening of our inner self, urging us to step out of our comfort zone, embrace change, and take charge of our lives with confidence and determination. This energy may have already sparked you to take time for deep introspection, self-discovery, and release old patterns, beliefs, and emotional baggage so you can align with your higher purpose. It is essential to note that with the fiery nature of this celestial event, we need to approach this energy with mindfulness and self-awareness, as the intensity of the eclipse energy combined with Aries can stir up impatience, impulsiveness, and emotional volatility. It's crucial to stay grounded during this time, practice self-care and compassion, and be mindful of your thoughts, emotions, and energy to ensure you're not propelled to take wrong actions. Step into your soulful journey by immersing yourself in the mystical energies of the Hybrid Solar Eclipse and unlock new possibilities! To make the most of this time, here is a powerful affirmation you can use to harness and align with this rare energy! Combining this affirmation with our Soul Retrieval Ritual & Workbook (find it in our shop, now up on the website!) will help you utilize this powerful opportunity for renewal and stepping into a new beginning! "I embrace the celestial dance of the Hybrid Solar Eclipse as it illuminates my path with transformation and renewal. I open myself to the cosmic energies and align with my highest self, unlocking new possibilities for growth and empowerment. I am a beacon of light, guided by the wisdom of the universe. I am ready to embrace the magic of this cosmic moment and create a brighter future for myself. So be it, and so it is." In honor of this powerful event and as a valued member of the community, I want to offer you an exclusive opportunity to book a personalized tarot session at this one-time offer of $90 $60 for a 60-minute reading with me to gain insights into the energies of this event and how they may affect you on a personal level. Sacred Light Wellness' Tarot sessions are designed to provide guidance and clarity, helping you navigate through any challenges or opportunities that may arise during this powerful time. In Light and Love, Diana, Sacred Light Wellness P.S. Spaces for tarot sessions are limited, so be sure to book your session early to secure your spot. Don't miss this opportunity to gain deeper insights into the energies of the Hybrid Solar Eclipse and how they may impact your life. Visit my website at to book now!

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