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Nature Is Alive!

All around us is a sea of high-frequency beings working in our favor. We consider ourselves the custodians of this planet because we think we are superior, but we succumb to so many manipulations, lies, misunderstandings, confusion, Ego, pride, and presumptions. All of this highlights the ignorance of our species to think we are higher than nature when we are a part of nature. Source created all that is to be a perfectly synchronistic network of beings all living and working together for the betterment of each other. When one thinks they are higher than others, imbalance, sickness, and disease begin.

"The other day, I was traveling and felt awe at the tree world's divinity, strength, and grace. As they stood tall and strong, observing humans moving about their day. They provide us with oxygen to fill our lungs, the shade we need to escape overheating, and the purity from the pollution we put into the air. The frequencies they emit interact with our biofield and help us regain a sense of peace and relaxation after a hard day is something that goes unnoticed and unappreciated too often. But they spoke, and I was willing to listen. And from that reciprocity came a gift. A gift of knowledge that will be the key to my healing." -Diana

I have been called to the delicate masterpiece of existence in cohabitation and creation of all beings. This is a time of change. Whether you feel ready for it or not. The more you resist and hold onto the old and the known, the harder it will be. Place yourself in life as an unrooted lotus flower, ebbing and flowing with the tides rather than fighting the current. Then you can enjoy the ride, see the gifts around you, and be a source of strength and light for others on their journey as you pass by.

What you can do right now to aid in this transformation of times and self is to take in Prana (life force energy). Everything you eat and drink vibrates at specific frequencies. The closer to fresh and live (such as a freshly harvested apple or herbs) will carry higher frequencies that, when ingested, will strengthen your aura and begin healing your body on a cellular level. Your gut will heal, and when your gut heals, your central nervous system will begin to heal, and when your central nervous system heals, all other systems in your body will follow. Soon you will be a pure being of homeostasis. Your mind, body, and soul will operate as one, and your life will be forever changed.

The power of your being is yet unknown to you. Because you have never been in a state of being that allows you to be at your optimal version. Why wouldn't that be an important goal in this life?

We are never looking for perfection, as that is a construct of the EGO mind and does not exist. But what we are looking for is effort and improvement. A chance to reach a higher state of homeostasis and wellness.

Now is the time to start.

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