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Marcel Vogel, working with Crystal Energy

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Marcel Vogel is the Pioneer in Crystal Energy in today's modern world. Through his many experiments with Crystal Energy, Marcel, paved the way for spiritual practitioners and individuals to really understand the potential that working with Crystal energies holds for our healing and growth. Marcel's passion for Crystal Energy has allowed him to make an astronomical impact in our society and lives. Many people do not realize the brilliant mind behind many of the tools that we rely on daily. Marcel was a research scientist for IBM for 27 years and is responsible for LCD displays, the magnetic coating for hard disks, and several specialized crystal cuts such as the Vogel. Through working with crystals in his projects at IBM, Marcel really discovered a whole new world that gave him passion and drive, to discover our connection and power to use Crystal energy for specific intentions and purpose. Not just for technology, but for healing and communication as well. Marcel went on to create Psychic Research, Inc. Where he was able to dive into his new found passion, run the necessary experiments to prove his hypotheses, and educate others in the miraculous discoveries of Crystal Energy. You can learn more about Marcel and his amazing work here.

Marcel's insightful research not only gave us so much information on Crystal Energy, but most importantly how crystals can be programed and utilized for different purposes. To make changes to frequencies within the human body, biofield, and even water. The following video lecture shows Dr. Marcel Vogel speaking to the permanent changes that occur in the elemental structure of water, after being changed through a crystal that Marcel programed with frequency intention.

Marcel's contributions to the spiritual and wellness community could never be thanked enough, as he has provided the scientific evidence and guidance in how to work with crystals with specialized intentions to achieve the healing and changes to frequencies that are desired. In this next clip, Marcel discusses how people can use crystals for self healing.

Marcel has has really paved the way for humans to reconnect to the energetic nature of our being and our would. Ancient civilizations are known for their integration with Crystal and Universal Energy (Prana). Though some civilizations today still understand this connection and integrate Pranic healing in their daily lives, many people have lost touch with this knowledge. As the Spiritual community grows and people are finding this new technological world that we live in to be too constricting, many are finding their way back to nature and Source. Back to understanding their fundamental nature is Energy, thus one of the most important considerations in our health and wellness needs to be on the balanced state of our Energy Body.

To continue learning more about Marcel Vogel and his great work, please visit the following resources:

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